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MemberPress – Gated Content

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Gamified Campaigns Note that we do not have this feature in our current Subscription Plan.   This is best for eCommerce companies.


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Slide-In Campaign A Slide-In campaign scrolls up from the bottom right corner of the page, offering a subtler offer to your visitors. Slide-In campaigns are often used to redirect visitors to related content, prompting visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, or offering a discount. Pros Option to Minimize instead of the closing campaign Least intrusive


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Inline Campaign Inline Campaigns are campaigns that show up embedded in your page. This example campaign shows how we will be using Inline Campaigns to create gated content. After 2 paragraphs the inline campaign will blur further content. View the settings on this campaign listed below: Pros: The easiest way to introduce gated content Highly

Floating Bar

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Floating Bar Campaign The Floating Bar is a sticky and highly noticeable campaign that attaches to the top or bottom of the web page and remains visible as your visitors scroll. It’s a great way to get visitors’ attention without disturbing or annoying them. OptinMonster users report significant boosts in email signups when


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Popup Campaigns This popup campaign will appear after 5 seconds on the website. Here is an example of the display rules: A second Campaign will pop up after 15 seconds on the page to illustrate Yes/No Popup Campaigns. What is a Yes/No Campaign? Yes/No style multi-step forms let you grab visitors’ attention and present them

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